Johnnies Concrete Replacement, Inc.
John Fugate
141 Mayer Rd,
Wales, MI 48027
810-367-2395 - office
810-367-2393 - fax

About Us

Johnnies Concrete has been serving the commerical & residential area since 1991. Specializing in concrete flat work.

With more than 28 years' experience in the concrete construction industry, Johnnies Concrete has the expertise and capabilities necessary to provide your firm with quality workmanship and service. This company was first established in 1991, with I, John Fugate as the general manager and president. My extensive knowledge of the trade and my 28 years of experience has provided customer & clients with great satisfaction, providing Johnnies Concrete with a reputation of reliability and quality workmanship.

Our staff:
Have all been with our firm from 6-18 years-all are very knowledgeable in job management and offer reliable customer service.